January 26, 2011

Red Light, Green Light!

I am often amazed at peoples response to my child's deafness. As she gets older I see their reaction change slightly. However, I feel very blessed to be in a community that will embrace her no matter her language. Last night my family attended Pack meeting for my oldest child. He attends a hearing Pack as there are no deaf groups in our area. Everyone is aware she is deaf and a few know some sign language and can communicate with her.
At every pack meeting they play games. This is a favorite activity for most who attend. The game tonight, Red Light, Green Light. I am sure many are familiar with the game. I am a little concerned my daughter will not be able to follow the game. We give her a short explanation.  A scout leader starts off the game, he knows a little sign and she is able to participate without any confusion. My oldest was third and fourth to win. His sister got upset because she wanted a turn. Now, while her independence has, at times, been frustrating, I have always been grateful for her desire to be independent. She has no care or awareness that she is different. She is comfortable here. So, she asks if she can have a turn. Her brother makes an attempt to help. She tells him no. An adult leader steps up. I worry he maybe will try and "help". Then instead of "helping" her, he begins to explain to the 20 something children playing the game, this means green, he shows them the sign. This means red, again he shows them the sign. He turned the game over to my daughter, the game began. She says Green and they're off............


  1. Sweet and amazing!

  2. Hi, Tricia! Don't know if you remember me. I'm Nancy's friend. I used to live in Vancouver--I know we met a couple of times. I learned ASL in college, served a Deaf Program mission, and worked with the Deaf (CA Deaf School @ Fremont) and as an interpreter before having my family. I'm just starting to interpret again--I really miss the Deaf and ASL! Anyway, Nancy gave me your blog address and thought I might want to follow it. It's beautifully written, and I love your story. I am SO impressed at how absolutely perfectly you have addressed your daughter's deafness. Having the whole family learn her language, getting yourself educated, etc. seem like obvious things, but it's surprising how many parents don't do that--how many Deaf children I've met in my "signing life" (20+ years now) who have never had a conversation with their own parents. It's heartbreaking. I just love reading your story because you did/do everything RIGHT!! What a blessing for all of you. Anyway, I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog, too. :)

  3. Jennifer, right? I would love to have you follow my blog. It is good to hear from you. Hope your family is well. I look forward to chating with you.

  4. Yup, Jennifer! :) I put your blog on my blogroll, so I'll know whenever it's updated. Looking forward... :)